I bought two different new sheet sets this week. One for kind of a lot (though it was marked down) because I was feeling like I needed an extra set that worked for winter and was feeling kind of splurgy. But then at a different store I saw an even nicer set -  well, they're comparable in quality, but the first one was tan and the second white - pretty much the only color of sheets I'll put on my bed - on clearance for even cheaper. So I bought those, too. So, I basically got two sets of sheets for pretty cheap, though I don't really need either. I took the first ones out of the package to toss in my laundry pile to soften up, and they smell like plastic and new fabric and also like weird fryer grease, like somebody had eaten McDonalds and opened the package up and touched them, which I assumed had happened. But the darndest thing is, I just opened up the second set, from a totally different store, and they smell the exact same way. Like greasy fast food. In a bad way. Like the gross friend's house when you were a kid whose parents had a lot of kids and always ate take-out. The stores are on opposite sides of the same intersection, and there is also a McDonalds across the way, but isn't that weird?

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